Respite Services

According to the dictionary, respite is defined as an interval of rest or relief. Our respite service allows a person with special needs who depends upon you for daily care to remain comfortably at home when you are absent. It allows you and your family relief from the constant duties and responsibilities of care-giving and an opportunity for rest and self-renewal. It offers you and the person depending on you, a new and positive experience with confidence. You have the assurance that your Respite Care Provider and FCS have spent many hours in program development, planning, and training in order to provide a dependable professional service. Finally, you, your family and FCS work together to design your individual respite service specifically for your special situation.

Respite Program

The philosophy of Full Circle Support’s program is based on the principles of mainstreaming, normalization and self reliance. Full Circle Support believes that respite care can provide support to the family unit and enhance your family member’s growth and development. The Respite Program offers personalized services and support to individuals of all ages with special needs and their families. The Respite Program staff is trained to be responsible to you and your family.