Multiple Day Service

Care of Siblings

Though respite care is intended for the diagnosed person, respite can also be provided for siblings, or other dependent family members. This is provided on a case by case basis. This depends upon the availability of Respite Care Providers who are willing to care for more than one individual at a time. FCS suggests a rate of $2.00 per hour for the first sibling and an additional $1.00 for each additional sibling. If you cannot afford this amount, you may negotiate an alternative arrangement with the Respite Care Provider before the respite takes place. FCS will not get involved with this arrangement; however FCS expects all private agreements will be fairly agreed upon and if difficulties arise with payment of sibling compensation, the service will be terminated.
A Respite Care Provider can care for up to four individuals at one time. Of these, no more than three can be clients. We would then try and send out two providers for the jobs with multiple clients (when available).
You must tell the Respite Care Provider of neighborhood friends whom the siblings are permitted to play with and provide their phone numbers. Parents must also state exactly what their children are allowed to do when playing away from home. Under no circumstances will the Respite Care Provider be responsible for any non-family member.